Great news for our campaign.  Today the Midland Daily News endorsed John Moolenaar for Congress in Michigan's 4th District.  Their editorial said in part   "In the three-way primary race between GOP candidates Peter Konetchy, Paul Mitchell and John Moolenaar, we believe that Moolenaar brings the right balance of government experience and business know how to serve the residents of the 4th Congressional District of Michigan."

The Daily News went on to point out that "Moolenaar is a proven candidate who has done much for the voters of mid-Michigan during his 10 years in Lansing."

They also urged voters to look at the records of the candidates.  As they said "We urge voters to look at the records of the candidates. Moolenaar is an open book if people want to look. We don’t know much yet about Mitchell because his campaign has flooded the airways with negative advertising, some which is misleading and something we never have been supportive of. There is little from which he can be defined. Voters might take that into consideration when entering the voting booth."

The editorial ended by saying "We urge local voters to go to the polls August 5 and vote for Moolenaar."

You can read the complete endorsement of the Midland Daily News here .

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