Tell Obama "NO" to bringing TERRORISTS to the United States 

A Special Call to Action 

Recently, my friend Senator Pat Roberts launched a national petition opposing President Obama's dangerous plan to close GITMO.  The House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 370 to 58, which included a provision prohibiting the Defense Department from using any funds to close GITMO.  Yet, Obama has indicated that he will sign the legislation and ignore that specific provision, continuing his executive action to close GITMO and ignore Congress and the American people. 

I want to do all I can in Michigan to make sure we gather as many signatures as possible for the national petition opposing Obama's plan to close GITMO. 

There is no doubt now that President Obama intends to move terrorists from Guantanamo Bay onto American soil.  As Senator Roberts said:  “Relocating terrorists to the mainland will paint a target on the American communities forced to house these detainees.”  Don't let this happen! 

Join me and sign the petition now!

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