Last week I voted in favor of a bill that will defund Planned Parenthood, giving Congress a chance to diligently investigate the disturbing allegations against Planned Parenthood.  Millions of Americans have by now viewed the videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing ways that they "harvest" baby body parts, to sell to organizations that allegedly use them for research.  These videos have been so disturbing that there has been an overwhelming call to cut off funds to Planned Parenthood. 

Those of us who use social media see pictures posted every day by a new generation of parents and grandparents, sharing the joy of a new life by posting pictures of baby bumps and sonograms.  Those happy images, showing tiny toes and fingers and heartbeats, leave no doubt that these unborn babies are living human beings endowed by our Constitution with certain inalienable rights. 

National Right to Life estimates that over 56 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade was decided by the United States Supreme Court.  The rights of our most vulnerable human beings are being taken, dismantled and sold piece by piece by Planned Parenthood, according to these videos showing their own officials discussing their procedures. 

There are better options available.  Taxpayer money should be directed to organizations that protect all women and children, including the unborn.  If you agree with me, I urge you to sign our petition, "Defund Planned Parenthood."

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